What advice would I Give to my First-Year Law Student Self?

As a lot of you will now be going into your first year of law school, it is important to understand that law school is not completely "Legally Blonde", "Suits" or "How to Get Away with Murder?"

It definitely is a mixture of all that with a more painful twist.

Over the course of a few years at law school, you definitely get the grip of it. You understand law school better, and you know, how exactly you need to deal with law school.

If you did not go through my initial blog post on 6 Things I wish I knew Before Law School, no issues, I will list down a few other things that I really wish I could have told my first-year self.

So here it is:

1. Understanding that competition lies everywhere and you need to be ready for a cut-throat battle amongst legal enthusiasts and NOT solely by marks.

Surely you may be the best and the most undefeated student in class while scoring the best grades possible. But are you really the best out there when compared to thousands of other law students across your country?

The answer lies in what you think is important.

If your priority lies in only securing grades for the purpose of "placement", you probably will not do that good in the field of practical law.

Sure, academia may be the field for you, but if you look closely, academia also requires you to be vigilant and focus on what activities you have kept yourself oriented in.

So simply earning marks for the purpose of "getting placed" without any experience or even anything to back you up, will not probably be considered.

Definitely, you'll be selected, but do you really think that the legal world out there looks at how well you've scored in your exam? I would say no, not really. Unless you have managed to prove to them that you are a bright student involved in many activities, your CV goes down the drain.

So, does it look at how well are you able to present yourself before the court? Does it look at how well you've been working towards, in the field you chose to be a part of?

The answer is yes. Indeed. Most likely. Absolutely.

One can never be sure of what they want, but what they can be sure of being the best version of what they want to be or aspire to be.

Marks may take you to the door, but it will NEVER open the door for you. That door can only be opened by your skills.

This takes us to our next point.

2. Networking

I have initially stated, multiple times, why networking is important as a law student and have written down a complete post on that.

So to sum it up over here, it is very important that you have "people-skills" as a law student. Try developing it in the initial stages of your law school itself.

If I could go back to my first-year self and change one thing - this would be it. You have no idea what proper networking and good connections can help you out with.

So never underestimate this point.

3. Self- Discipline.

Self-discipline is an important skill that each and every law student must most definitely inculcate in their lifestyles. Keep a fixed schedule to do everything. When I was in my first year of law school, I had no idea of self-discipline in my life. I had no fixed time table and no schedule.

It backfired on me.

As a law student, you definitely have a lot to read. Keeping a fixed schedule, a time table and sticking to it can be difficult at first, but it is definitely rewarding.

4. Not everyone is your friend, but everyone is your connection.

This is something I learned the hard way. You find that you will not relate to a lot of people and you will most likely not have many friends. But you definitely know these people. If you cannot be friends with them, know who they are.