Why Networking is important as a Law Student?

As a law student, from the very first day, you are told to start networking and building up connections. We all know there are many sites that you can log in to and build-up connections. Here, I am going to list out the importance of networking as a law student.

To be honest, networking is easy- hear this from an ambiverted introvert. (I don't even know whether that term exists but that is how I describe myself)

Let's start with the basics first.

What is networking?

It is the ability of people to connect with other people and grow their network and their connections.

But what makes networking important for young law students as compared to other forms of meetings such as internships?

While internships, conferences, moots, seminars and other activities provide you platform to interact with people as a law student, but connecting with them is a completely different story altogether.

While these events may give you access to connections, the burden of connecting with them falls entirely upon yourself. It is never too early to start networking.

Now the question arises- how to find the best connections?

This can never be completely answered but there are obviously many ways to find people who might help you most of the time, which is quite close to finding the best connections at all times!

Your seniors-

Connect with your seniors and they'll provide you with an insight at an early stage. Be it academic-related matter or even for fun, connecting with your seniors is probably the easiest way to network

Your teachers-

Your teachers are definitely your best connections. They provide you with a lot of insight, experiences and good ways to secure internships, competitions, papers etc. Being in their good books means you get to learn a lot about them, and a lot from them in your field. Stay connected to them.

Social Media sites-

Social media in today's world plays an important role in networking. Be it through Linkedin or Instagram or Facebook too, it plays an important role in building up connections.

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