Self Care in Law School; How do You Stick to a Habit?

Getting into a habit is difficult. What if we don't know what we are getting into and subconsciously end up doing something else?

Breaking a habit is also harder.

So how do we go ahead with that?

Selfcare usually stems from the belief in being able to do something that makes you happy and habits are hard to stick to, but here's a really cool method, that I came across while sticking to a habit.

Some people prefer punishments when they haven't done a task, and some people prefer to be rewarded when they've done a task.

I believe that the latter helps you develop a habit faster. You know, as I said earlier, humans are just mysterious creatures with a sense of greed.

Use that to accomplish good tasks.

Generation Z has the habit of making "streaks" on Snapchat. Why not make streaks in real life too?

The upside would be, to consistently reward yourself with something every week/ fortnight/ month.


Building streaks are not as hard as they seem to be. Just like using Snapchat to be available once a day, you need to determine what habits you'd like to portray once a day as well.

So let's take an example.

Supposedly, I want to exercise- I would then write down in my notebook, a column for exercise and tick them off each week. One week of missed streaks would mean I would have to start again.

At the end of the week, I can reward myself with something that I want, or a pleasurable moment to savour.

This is how you get into a habit.