What is "Morning Pages" and How do I feel After being Consistent for about 3 Months?

On one of those days when I was curious to check out new YouTubers, I came across this YouTuber named Aileen (Lavendaire.)

She talks about wellness and lifestyle and routines and things to lead a healthy lifestyle. Watching her videos worked like therapy for me!

However, there was one video which I liked a lot. It was on Morning Pages.

So what is "morning pages"?

"Morning Pages" are the pages on which, you brain dump your thoughts every morning onto a piece of paper. These thoughts could include anything ranging from "how you feel that day?" to "what you will do in future?" to "your emotional ranting", basically anything and everything that you think, can be a part of your morning pages. It is different from journaling.

How did I begin?

Beginning something like this is the toughest part, because you do not really know what you are going to write and for the first few days, I had the same thought.

I did not really know what I would write or what I should be writing about.

My mind was blank. I knew nothing and thought "what should I write?"

But then, I realised that the very first thought in my mind was "what should I write?". So that is what I wrote. I began my morning pages by writing "what should I write?" and subsequently went on to write similar sentences like, "I don't know what to write", "I have no clue", "I can't think of anything to write down."

These were my thoughts and this is exactly what I wrote down.

As days progressed, I realised that I could actually let myself loose and write down my thoughts. I realised that there were so many things I looked forward to while writing things down each morning.

I started writing down my thoughts, my feelings, how my previous day was, what I need to do, what my goals are, and even my blog topics.

Sometimes, I re-read them again, and realise most of the things don't really make sense. They do not have to be grammatically correct and do not have to be neat. They just have to be your thoughts.

This helps me keep my emotions in check and make me realise that some days I'm overwhelmed and try to find out the reasons behind that feeling.

Consistently writing them for 3 months, almost every day, makes me so much happier and works like therapy for me. It helps me with my mental health and feels like a safe space for me to write my visions down.

Hope this post was an interesting read and that you would try it too! Honestly, because I would definitely encourage you to do so.


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