Why do I prefer Handwritten Notes over Laptop?

So this debate has been going on for a long period of time. A lot of you have come up to me and asked me, what method do I prefer to use and personally I love writing things by pen and paper instead of the laptop. I only use a laptop during time constraints or when I'm too exhausted or lazy to write down my notes on paper.

But here are just two reasons (but pretty important reasons) why I actually prefer this method.

Your brain will be more active.

While you're writing things down, you are being conscious of what you're writing down. You know which information is important and which information is not.

An experiment conducted by a group of scientists showed that Broca’s area (the part of the cerebral cortex associated with language) is much more activated in people who are learning using handwriting, as opposed to typing (where little or no activation was shown).

And this information matters because, six weeks later, the cohort that learned by handwriting (and therefore experienced these higher levels of brain activity) also remembered the material they learned better than the typists.

You also retain more information.

Another research conducted by the scientists showed that people who tend to handwrite their notes, understand the concepts better because they know exactly what they've written down. They were able to recall the facts better and faster than the ones who were using a laptop to learn.

Ever wondered why online classes tend to make us feel more lethargic, unmotivated and disinterested? This could be the reason why!

This also means that since we aren't needlessly typing materials into documents, we take our own sweet time to write things down and under no circumstances are we really that quick enough to write handwritten notes as fast as the computer typing works, we are more actively participating in making the notes, enabling us to synthesise better. This means that we are actively engaged in the process of taking down the notes.

So people, ditch the laptop, and only use it for writing essays, not notes!


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