Two Ways to Seek Feedback for your Work?

Due to the low number of exams that we have during the entire period of law school, it can be difficult to assess your work and your progress in law school. This is why asking for feedback pays an important role in law school.

To reduce such a burden, here are two ways by which you can ask for feedback.

Ask questions in the class after reviewing your material.

Why would you want to do that? It's because asking questions helps you clear your doubts as well as help you grasp the concept better.

The questions that are being asked in the classroom have a higher chance of being asked in your question paper. So why not prepare yourself beforehand?

This will also help you to understand better and open your communication skills with the professor. If you're not comfortable asking the questions in front of the entire class, you can also reach out to them during their office hours after the class.

You could also reach out to your professors after solving some of the sample papers or sample questions to prepare yourself better.

Peer review your work.

Practice exams are valuable sources of resources where you can not just understand the concept but also evaluate yourself and see where you stand. You will also be able to review your answer scripts and understand how to write them better.

But where does peer review fall under all this?

Some of us do not find enough courage to reach out to our professors regarding the review. That's why it is important to reach out to your friends regarding the review.

Your friends may be able to evaluate your work and help you with the feedback.

After the feedback, make sure to actually implement it to improve your work and your writings. This would help you with the work that you do or the efforts that you would put into it.

Hope this was helpful! Let me know in the comments below as to what posts would you like to see in future!


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