2 Tips to Prepare for your Examination Which Have Worked Really Well for Me!

Ah yes, it's finally here. The D-Day of the days being shorter than the nights and endless grind.

So now it is time for a Plan of Action!

Note: This PoA may not work for everyone, but of course there's no harm in trying!

So what exactly should you do while preparing for an examination?

If your university has decided to have an examination like me, at the end of the semester, you probably fall under the same category as I do and you know it is time to start panicking!

Oh but this is not the "how will I complete so much of syllabus in one night?" panic. This is the, "what should I do to make sure my exam goes well?" kinda panic.

Here are some things you should consider.

Sleep well.

I know so many of you think that exam period is the period to grind and completely stress yourself out and have all-nighters before all exams, but honestly, this thing has never, and will never work for me.

So if you're someone like me, sleep is an essential element before examination.

I was never the one to pull all-nighters and was never the one who cut short my sleep before an examination.

Granted, I would make sure to get up early and revise for hours at a stretch right before the exam, but I would never compromise on my sleep. And you shouldn't either. Why? Let me tell you.

Sleep has known to be correlated with memory. Which means, to retain the information you learned, you have to make sure that you have a good sleep.

As law students, we need both declarative and procedural memory.

What are these memories?

To tell you in short- declarative memories are those, where you remember the facts and circumstances, while the procedural memories are those where you need your skills to work on.

And as law students, we need both.

So sleeping tends to improve your memory. Don't believe me? You can definitely check out a research paper on this here.

Study Plan

If you know me, you know that I am an advocate for planning. And what do I mean when I talk about a study plan? This is what.

If you're at a University like mine, where they give you the exam schedule couple of weeks before, then you know that you do not have much time to prepare for your subjects, unless you have been studying them every single day.

The trick to ace exams even when you haven't been preparing every single day, is to be consistent and draft a study plan.

There are different kinds of planners available and if you are one of those who use planners, here's a tip for you.

On your monthly page setup, make sure that you have the dates marked, when you have your examination.

Eg: If my Public International Law is on x date. I will mark that date on my calendar.

Followed by your weekly setup, where you mark your schedule for the week.

Eg: On X date is my Public International Law exam and I have Y days to prepare for that. I'll mark the week entirely for that subject. Especially those 4 days.

Then, is daily schedule, where I will write down how much of the syllabus I have to complete on that particular day.

Eg: Completing Unit one on X date by 12:00 PM.

(This can also be done on the google calendar and not necessarily on your physical planner.)

This way, when you break down your exam schedule to months, weeks and days, you will have a fixed time table to work on and stick to!

These are two of the most worked-out tips that I am consistent about, while preparing for any examination!

Hope these 2 tips were helpful for you and would help you score well! Good Luck!