Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself with Others?

Comparison is the evil that keeps you from accomplishing your target.

No matter where you lie in your life's sphere of accomplishments, it is important to understand that this is "YOUR" life. Not your neighbour's, not your pet's, not anyone else's life. Just yours.

The secret to living a happy and content life is simple- don't compare. It's absolutely fine if you scored less than someone in a test. You need to focus on yourself. It is absolutely fine if others are accomplishing more than you could. Don't worry about it. You should know that your life is different than theirs.

You are the lead character in your life's movie. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Do not ever believe for a fraction of a second that you need to please someone/anyone to become successful. People say that the world doesn't revolve around yourself. But in your life, the world does! Take control of your life before anyone manipulates you into giving them, the remote control of your life.

Avoid the beaten track. Take the road less travelled - just like Robert Frost.

Comparison- something that we subconsciously tend to do. I would never say, that it is easy for us all to stop comparing at once. That would not be true. All I would say is to learn to control your mind and to understand that we all are living a life, different from each other.

The younger generation today, suffers from a lack of confidence because most of us are living in a world that tends to judge our capabilities based on the comparative analysis that we have with each other. We live in a world, where the competition is so high that we resort to someone else's mark of success as a means to overcome our failure.

We tend to develop feelings of jealousy, hatred, envy and the likes, for each other, while we should be out there helping each other. We tend to compare our lives with someone we have never even met!

Let's say "Party A" portrays themself to be extremely wealthy and constantly shows off their new phones, new cars, a happy family, etc.

You may feel jealous of their success, you may also feel that you are under-accomplished. But have you thought that they might be in debt? Have to pay loans for the car they bought? There are a list of possibilities that one does not wish to portray on-camera. But would you know that?

Now, considering another scenario of "Party B"- They are not active on social media, they don't talk much about themselves, do not have a fancy convertible, etc. So does that mean that they have failed in life? Does that mean that they are unsuccessful? What if their net worth is much, much more than "Party A"?

If party B had looked at Party A and given up on their dreams, while comparing themselves and constantly scrutinising themselves for "under-accomplishing", they would never be happy.

True happiness lies in realising the fact that everyone has a different life which they need to lead. You would never know what one goes behind closed doors, so why compare yourself with someone you don't even know?

Understand that no matter where you are in life, you just need to be happy with your achievements. If you have a goal and you haven't accomplished it, it is okay! Work harder! It is fine to feel dejected by it as long as you know what is best for you. But the moment you decide to set your benchmark as someone else's accomplishments, you will never feel good enough!

You need to know that whatever you do, give your hundred per cent. Give everything that you can, only for yourself, for your growth.

If you feel sad or anxious by looking at everyone doing better than you, stop looking!

*confidence has just increased*

No, but seriously, take a break from social media (a place where everyone is happy and successful). Let no one decide what is good and what is bad for you. Understand that in your life, you are the sole author. There is no co-author.

We are all trying to figure ourselves out. Not a single person on this planet has truly figured out what they want. Otherwise- there wouldn't be any to-do list, there wouldn't be any goals, there wouldn't be any stories to share, and any person who says they have figured themselves out, is straight-up lying!

So never consider yourself to be less smart than others. Obviously, if you measure your rate of success through someone else's timeline, you will always feel the sense of failure lurking around you.

Take a leap of faith and believe in yourself.

Hope this has in some way motivated you/ inspired you to feel good about yourself. I hope that you are doing amazingly well!

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Stay Safe and Take Care.


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