What I learned by Working at a Tier One Law Firm?

Happy Spring! It's the first Saturday of this month and I thought, why not talk about my experience of the last two months!

So here I am, talking about how my work/ internship went last month.

Most of you know that I was working at a law firm for my internship during the month of February.

What a lot of people do not know is that I was working at a tier-one law firm.

So, here are three things that I learned while working over there.

You need to take up the initiative.

When you're working at a large law firm, the associates are not going to come up to you and give you work. You need to call them, drop them an email and ask them for work.

You need to realise that at no point in time, you can sit down and expect the work to be given to you. Take initiative and present yourself as someone who is hard-working and diligent.

It's okay to accept that you cannot do exactly what they want you to do.

This was particularly hard for me to accept that I am unable to put in the exact amount of effort or do what they exactly want me to do because I was so used to delivering what was asked.

This internship was particularly new for me as this was a field of law that I hadn't previously explored before. So, I wanted to learn. But to learn, you have to accept the fact that you know nothing.

While accepting this fact was easier for me, it wasn't so for the associates, since the work was extremely fast-paced and to learn something new, entirely out of my comfort zone, while keeping up to their expectations was hard to juggle.

This, however, leads to our next and the most important point.

Your work will be appreciated.

No matter how lost you feel, if you complete a task during a given time frame, while they do have knowledge of your inexperience, your work will be appreciated.

There will be times when you feel extremely disoriented and confused, but that is just a phase. Once you get the method, you'll realise how important it is to keep reading and no matter how lost you feel, your work does get appreciated.

Your efforts are always recognised and they will, in fact, let you know that.

Never lose hope and never fear the fact that you will be judged. Being judged is inevitable, but how you want to be judged lies in your hand.

Hope this was helpful! Let me know in the comments below as to what posts would you like to see in future!


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