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What are the 3 Main Essentials of My Morning Routine?


Well, morning routines are so important to have especially when you need to fix a time for your work, classes and other activities.

Sure, you may get up, get to work, begin with whatever tasks you have at hand and then go ahead with whatever suits you, but are you really having a productive routine?

I wouldn't say mine is the best routine in the whole wide world, but I'd just say that my routine has made me a bit more productive.

Let's start from the night before!

Sleep well.

I used to think that staying up all night was really cool, until I realised that getting up earlier suited well too. I do not go to sleep later than 11:30 PM (I try my best) and complete my 7-8 hours of sleep! It is so refreshing and so good to be able to get up at 7:00-7:30 AM (even on holidays) and makes me realise that I have a lot of time at hand and that I will be able to complete more tasks.

For people who knew me back at University always knew for a fact that I would generally stay awake at night and get up late in the morning. And honestly, getting up at 12:00 PM (on days I do not have classes) would mean that I have already completed a lot of my day time doing nothing. Adding on, drinking coffee milk and walking around my hostel campus would be the only thing I'd actually do while surfing social media. What a waste of 3 years. tsk tsk tsk.

However, during the pandemic, all of this changed. This made me realise a lot of things and also made me realise that I actually had a lot to change!

Now moving on to the actual morning part.

Making My Bed.

This is the first thing I do when I get up. I take my blanket and fold it. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes me feel like I have ticked off one task from my daily routine.

I always believe that tasks which take less than 5 minutes should be done immediately. This will give you time to do tasks which require more time.

Thus, folding my blanket takes me less than 2 minutes, which means, 2 minutes of empowerment for my morning!

Morning Pages

After I have freshened up (including all of my skincare routine etc) I sit down on my table to do the "morning pages".

Essentially, morning pages is something that I have been doing for the past 4 months now.

Through morning pages, I write down one page a day, brain dumping my thoughts, ideas, visions, goals or anything that comes into my mind. I have been following this religiously, almost every single day. It helps me keep track of my goals, my mood, or anything I might be feeling that day.

Putting all emotions out in the morning, releases pent up energy that was stored in my mind. This is so therapeutic for me and has been amazing for my mental health.

If you wish to read more about Morning Pages, I have a complete blog post on this right here.

Planning my Day

Using my planner, both digital and paper, I plan my day, sit down, and schedule my tasks. I generally make a list of things I need to do the next day, on the night before. This helps me save quite some time in my morning routine. The only thing I do in the morning is scheduling my tasks and adding on new tasks as I get to know them in the morning!

This helps me keep track of my progress and helps me understand what I need to do throughout the day and what tasks can be scheduled the next day.

So here are the top three things that have always been present in my morning routine.


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