What are my Self Care Tips During Exam Season?

As exam seasons have always been around, it is important to understand that we need to have a self-care system to keep ourselves from falling prey to our fatigue lifestyle.

This is a short blog post because there is not much you need to do when you have to take care of yourself during the exam season.

A few things to keep in mind and you're good to go!

But before we actually move on to the tips, here is a list of signs that you're lacking self- care!

  1. You're anxious. It is examination time, and the fact that you may be completely exhausted and that you have been studying endlessly in order to secure good grades, you have forgotten to care for yourself.

  2. You're guilty. Guilty of wasting your time because any moment right now, you could be studying instead of surfing social media or doing anything else.

  3. You do not feel like taking breaks because you are so sure that you will never be able to complete your work or studying on time.

Now that we have seen why you definitely need self-care during exam season, we need to know how to practice self-care.

  1. Speak to others whenever you're anxious or distressed. Having a friend to speak to or even family members, to talk to during exam season is actually helpful. You can talk to them about your anxiety and the fact that you feel like the exam is stressful. If you ever feel like you're wasting your time by talking to them, understand that you're a human and not a robot so for obvious reasons if you do not take breaks, you will be completely burned out.

  2. Schedule and plan your revision time table and actually stick to it. As soon as you get your time table, remember to plan your days of studying and stick to it. Sticking to your planned days, actually helps you do better and gives you a lot of time to relax. Also try stretching your goals. Which mean, try completing your tasks ahead of the designated time so that you have enough leisure time with yourself!

  3. Take a break from social media. Although I personally do not take breaks, but instead reduce my time on social media by a considerable digit, you can try this method if you wish to! Ever been in a position where you receive a Snapchat pic from somebody already ahead of you in the topic you wanted to study? Me too. Social media can also distract you from more important things and can get you overwhelmed.

  4. Reward yourself when you accomplish a task and withhold the reward if you do not! Yes! I love this method personally, because then I can decide to treat myself.

For example, when I used to be at my University, I used to stress-drink coffee milk. This means I would have double the amount of coffee milk (that is my staple drink back at University and everyone who knows me, knows this fact) than I would, during my regular days. Of course, that was unhealthy but addictive! So I decided that it was time to not stress-drink to much of caffeine, instead I used it as a means to set my rewards. I used to drink about 2-3 glasses regularly. Morning and Evening, generally. But of course, increasing it to 4-6 glasses would never be a good option. So I used to drink my regular amount of coffee milk, which is 2-3 glasses and would keep an extra glass of coffee as my reward. I would stretch my goals and would try to accomplish them before my designated deadline and if I do, I treat myself. However, the downside of this was also the fact that I would reduce the intake of coffee from my next day's coffee intake, if I don't complete my designated syllabus within the time frame I have decided for myself. This would generally keep me motivated to complete my syllabus on time, because well, less coffee would mean, I would feel restless and that would be a bad thing.

These are the methods that have personally worked for me, and if they do work for you, let me know!!


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