What 4 Things To Do During A Semester Break?

Well well well, first of all, Congratulations! You made it through your first semester of law school during a global pandemic.

You deserve a few weeks of rest. A few weeks to pat yourself on the back and simply say “I did it

But now, you also need to get focused on the topic of doing things the way you want to, but productively.

But then again, what may be right for me may not be right for you, however, here are a few things you can definitely try out!


Once you're done with your finals, just rest. Okay, I know, this is obvious, but some f you workaholics need to slow down a bit. You'll grow completely tired before you even know it. So make sure that you rest well!


Read anything but you law school books. I know, cultivate this habit of reading. This will actually be beneficial to you in the longer run. Don't worry about reading a law-related book or picking up a genre. Any book is a good book. Also, do not fret over reading a hardcover book instead of a softcover book. Just read.

Attend Virtual Concert

I know, some of us loved going out but obviously cannot, due to the pandemic. However, this has a plus point too. Some of our favourite musicals have decided to hold virtual concerts for free of cost or probably at a much, much lower rate. You can find them here. So go and attend it.


Now, now. Once you've rested, read and attended a virtual concert, it's time to prepare. "Prepare for what?"- you may ask.

Prepare for your next semester. Stay active and stay ahead of your classes! This not only gives you an edge over other students but it also enables you to prepare for yourself well, to do well.

Hope you found this insightful. I know it was short and sweet blog post so here we are!


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