Things Not to do While Writing a Paper.

So, it's the second week of January and I'm honestly hoping that things are going smooth for this year. But this also means that we're starting with our new session, maybe, in a couple of weeks.

New session introduces new opportunities. Which means, as newcomers, you get to start afresh!

So while there are a few things that everybody says that you should do while writing a paper, but the lesser talked about things are what you shouldn't do while writing a paper. So we're here today, to talk about just that!

Don't be close-minded.

Yes, you read that right. Tons of criticisms. Your first step should be to keep your pride aside and make sure that you work on your project diligently while accepting the fact that it can never be perfect. Especially if you're writing something for the first time ever.

So take your time to read, review and rewrite and be open to lots of criticisms when you're getting it reviewed by someone you trust.

Another thing in this point would be, to keep your papers to yourself and not get it proofread by someone else.

I understand that you want it to be perfect and that you don't really want to disclose your work before it gets published, but please take a second or even a third opinion from someone who is a very well known person in your field, especially if they have written down something similar to yours.

There is literally no point in using fancy words.

Yes, you read that right too. You might think that using Legum Baccalaureus instead of straight-up using LL.B. will make you really cool and will help you stand out. The point is, it will help you stand out. But not in the way you expect it to. Avoid using terms which are complex and stop trying to make your paper really complex by using words that the editors will have to look up every now and then. It is a waste of time and honestly, defeats the whole point of writing a paper.

The paper that you write should be accessible to the general public. A good writer is not the one who uses fancy words to look cool, a good writer is the one who is able to convert complex sentences and decipher them into simple ones so that it is understandable by the general person.

A professor of mine once told us, "Law is for the general public. So if you purposely try to make the law really complex, it defeats the purpose of serving the public."

I think this principle applies while writing a paper as well.

Don't take forever to come to the point.

Honestly, people don't have a lot of time. If your paper isn't catchy and it is unnecessarily long, then there's no point in reading it. Don't go back to the same thing again and again just to make it long. Make sure that you have a fixed point that you need to get to. Your paper must have an introduction that basically is similar to your conclusion. The rest of the paper or the body, I'd say must defend that introduction hypothesis of yours. So instead o stalling, make sure you get to the point and answer them with relevant backups!

Hope these tips were useful and they helped you too!


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