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The Ikigai Self-Realisation Worksheet.

Hey everyone! It's Friday freebie time again!

However, this time I have something special for you- it's the Ikigai Worksheet for Self-realisation, inspired by the book, and the Japanese culture of Ikigai.

I hope you enjoy filling the worksheet and I hope it helps you in finding the purpose of your life!

The worksheet is attached at the end of the page!

Happy Filling it out!


The Ikigai worksheet has four columns:

  1. What are you good at? This talks about listing down things that you are good at.

  2. What do you love? This talks about things that you love doing

  3. What does the world need? It talks about the ways in which you can help the world.

  4. What can you be paid for? It's the job that you would like to choose

When all of these overlap, you'll realise that there is something common in all the sphere's that you've filled out. You'll realise that there is one thing that you're good at, that you love doing, that the world needs and for which you can be paid.

It may be a little tricky, but the key lies in patience. Hopefully, the worksheet will help you achieve your Ikigai!

Good luck, let's hope you realise it soon!

Here is the worksheet- Print it out and fill it!! Have fun!

Ikigai Worksheet for Self-Realisation
Download DO • 27KB

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