The 7 Day Self-Care Journaling Challenge!

Hey Everyone!

If you're someone like me, who has had issues, on how to start the journaling process and don't really know what you should be journaling about, worry not! I have now exclusively made this small 7-day self-care journaling worksheet, which has 21 questions, that is, 3 questions each day, to ask yourself about yourself.

Answer them as truthfully as you can and you will improve your thoughts, your feelings and would most likely give you a sense of direction in life and in journaling!


I am going to be attaching the file below, at the end of this post.

Since these are for self-development, I am going to help you with your journey in self-development through worksheets like these! Hopefully, you'll find them intriguing and will help you care for yourself better!

Let me know if you found these worksheets useful and I will continue making them for you!

Tag me on Instagram if you used these worksheets and let me know how much they've helped you in your journaling path!

Here is the file you were looking for!! Happy Journaling!

7 day self care journaling challenge
Download DOC • 26KB

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