Taking breaks for your Mental Health.

Mental Health- A topic that needs no introduction. Ten years ago if someone would talk about mental health, they wouldn't be considered normal. But ten years ago, we didn't have the stress and the "hustle culture" that we have today.

Today's blog post isn't related to law school and it's not lengthy either. But it's something that I wanted to address!

As you may have known, I did not post any blog post last week and took a break from my account for a couple of days.

The reason was, that I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with a lot of things- academics, pandemic and various other reasons. But all I needed was a day off from my commitments.

And I've never felt so good.

Sure, I may have skipped a couple of classes and may have had backlogs that I needed to complete and catch up on, but I wanted that break, which was long overdue.

If you're overwhelmed, chances are, that you're not ready to face things readily. You're tired and completely burnt out, and w cannot have that.

So here are some of the things I did, to put myself first and take care of my mental health:

  1. I followed a self-care routine with something extra. I took myself out to eat, had a "cheat-day", watched a movie and did everything that I thought would be "wasting my time".

  2. I managed to not use social media ad actively engaged in walking around my campus and observing the details and intricacies of nature around me.

  3. I released that I should probably have a day like this, at least once a week, and I will have a day like this, at least once a week.

These were three things that I did to take care of my mental health.