My 2020 Blog Posts Rewind.

I never realised how much I loved writing until I actually sat down and thought to myself- oh wow! I'm consistent!

I have been posting blogs every single Saturday since I first started writing and I'm so proud of keeping the consistency!

Hopefully, I'll also be able to keep up the tempo in the upcoming year- 2021 as well!

So here's an archive of my blog posts, from the very beginning, until last week, that I have written down (including the freebies)!

Feel free to check out any blog post that you wish and at any time!

Should I create a quarterly archive? Well that's debatable, but here's a list of blog posts I've written since May 31st, the date I first started blogging!

You can definitely check each one of them out, if you have the time, or just read any one of them to learn something new!

Hopefully, you find what you're looking for! Happy Reading!

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