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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

The very first thought that comes into our minds when we hear the term "law", is the fact that Harvey Spectre is on his way to file a multimillion lawsuit, or that Annalise Keating is on her way to defend another criminal or that Elle Woods has carved her way to the field of law as an amazing Harvard Law student. But how many of us actually believe in the fact that, though all of these TV series and movies have left an impact in our minds, it may not always be true.

But here I am, to carry you into a world, which may be similar to your favourite TV show, but may also show you the realities of being a law student.

Put on your seat-belts, and stay tuned to enter into a world where you will learn about the legal lifestyle from the mouth of a law student.

Keeping your notifications on, and subscribing to this blog will help you remain updated to the legal talks that I would write in here.

I am always open to queries, and you can always message me personally in my social media handles that I have provided, and also write me an email.

Thank you for your time and I hope that I would not disappoint you.

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