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How to write Pretty Notes as a Lazy Person?

Let's be honest here. None of us really have the time or the energy at law school to sit down and make extremely pretty notes with so many different colours.

But what you can actually do is, make your notes look decent enough with just one shade of pen or highlighter. Don't believe me?

Look at this:-

Step 1: Use any Highlighter to write a heading in the simplest way you can.

Step 2: Use your regular pen that you write down your notes with, to overwrite on the heading, something like this-

Step 3: Make sure to write down sub-headings in a different coloured pen, the same highlighter pen or just any sketch pen to make it stand out. I generally go for a coloured pen similar to the colour of the highlighter or a bit darker in shade.

Step 4: Write down your notes in the same coloured pen throughout. I generally write down my notes in black pen.

Step 5: Highlight using the same highlighter or a different one (entirely your choice), the important sentences, keywords, etc.

Hope you found this useful on writing notes with not more than 3 pens and less time consumption.

Have a great day ahead.


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