How to Remain Motivated in Law School even When you Do Not Feel Like Studying?

To be honest, no matter how good we are in studies, we have all been in that position where we do not feel like studying or have any motivation to sit and study regardless of the workload.

So I'm definitely not going to take up too much of your time and move ahead with the actual steps to actually sit down and get to work even when you do not feel like it.

Seek Motivation

I know this sounds dumb. What do you mean, "seek motivation?" "How should I seek motivation and what do I do exactly?"

Sit and relax. I'll take you through a small guide to seek motivation.

You know how all of us are so addicted to our mobile phones and laptops?

You know how all of us are mindlessly scrolling through social media, be it Instagram or Facebook (I think some of us still use this app) or Pinterest, anything for that matter?

Use social media to seek motivation to sit down and study.

You can perhaps look into multiple hashtags such as #studygram, #lawschool, #studymotivation etc., to find many ~aesthetic~ study-related feed which may help you with our next step.

Organise your desk and Plan your schedule

You may wonder why I have included both these steps together?

It is because only when you sit down to organise, you can see that you can automatically layout your desk and sit down to plan things you wish to do for the day.

Remember that as much as it is important to understand your "space" to sit down and work, it is also important to plan that space out.

As I stated in my previous step, you can sit down and find inspiration to plan your day and to organise your space.

But, no matter how much you sit down and plan, you cannot get to work, unless and until you actually ask yourself to.

This brings us to our next step.


I've talked about this in a couple of my previous blogs on how important it is to actually sit down and think about rewards to give yourself when you are done with your work or when you sit down to study.

Make sure that you have a specific reward to give yourself, which you would normally not do if you weren't studying.

For example, you can state that after about 25 minutes of studying, you can take a break of 5 minutes and during those 5 minutes, you can use your social media as a reward.

You can also begin with studying for longer durations and take breaks for longer durations and even extra rewards - such as - giving yourself a pastry, when you are done with your study modules before time. Or maybe decide to give yourself an "off-day" when you complete your work, well before time.

Stretch your goals and shorten your deadlines.

I know this method will not work for everyone, but it has worked well for me. I tend to do a lot of things in perfection under pressure. So if I need to do a task, I set an almost impossible deadline for myself even though the actual deadline of the task may not be the one I set.

This way, I do my tasks at the earliest and then take longer breaks. I know some people do not prefer that, but this has always helped me to be at the best of my self when I do not even feel like completing my tasks.

Finally, Make sure that you take enough breaks and are comfortable.

This is important. As I said that I stretch my goals while shortening my deadline, to do my tasks soon and well, however, I also make sure that I take enough breaks to move ahead with my next task. This has helped my body heal and prevent/ minimise burnouts.

This helps me stay energised and motivated to all of my tasks.

Hopefully, these tips have been helpful to you and that you can remain motivated throughout your law school, even when you do not feel like getting up.