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How to Manifest Anything You Want, Using the Law of Action?

Welcome back loves, to another weekend of a new blog post & just as promised, I'm gonna deliver you with blog posts every Saturday!

Coming back to our blog post of the week- Manifesting using the Law of Action.

Answer me truthfully- Do any of these sound like something you do?

  1. I want to do XYZ but I've not been able to do it, despite asking for signs to begin doing it.

  2. I feel like my manifestations are not taking shape or form.

  3. I don't know how to do the ABC thing.

Well, it means you've lost direction at some point in time. But here's the thing- you're much more worthy and capable of than your inhibitions.

So, before we move towards answering the "how" question, we're gonna move towards the "What" question first.


We've all heard about the law of attraction, assumption, manifestation, etc etc. But nothing makes sense if we don't put our thoughts into action.

This is why we have the law of action.

It tells you that every single thought you have about manifesting something into your life revolves around some actions that you take. Every action we take has a result attached to it.

I love talking about this because it puts us in a position to be the creators of our destiny. When we talk about manifestation and letting the universe take charge, we generally take a back seat to our own lives, which isn't the case over here. Of course, the end result is what you're destined to receive which the universe works towards giving to you. However, the power to create your own reality is what solidifies the message that you are serious about your goals in life.

When you visualise and think about working towards your goals, there will tons of opportunities presented to you that you need to grasp. My dad always told me- "Opportunity is always bald from the back and hairy upfront. So if you miss it when it's approaching you, you'll slip up when it leaves you." You then, eventually start noticing patterns and ideas in your favour.


Now, comes the answer to the "How" question.

It's pretty simple actually. Let it Go.

Once you've manifested something and you know you're being shown opportunities to work, stop obsessing over it. If you obsess over it, it'll block your will to take action. This is because, while you're obsessing, you're taking away the time you could've utilised to work on it.

So how do you take action?

Start by making a list of things or habits that you would do if things were going in your favour. And then question yourself as to why you'd want to do those things. Finally, start implementing things in your life as if you already have a plan (even if you don't).

My favourite way of taking action is to believe (or at least pretend to believe) that I'm already living the life that I've wanted. If you start believing in it, you'd figure out a way to sustain that lifestyle. And when you figure out a way to sustain that lifestyle, you already know what actions took you to achieve that.

For example, I want to tone my body so that in the next six months, I'm fitter and stronger than I currently am. Why? Because although I'm leaner, I'm not strong and tend to fall sick easily, which is why exercise in the form of toning myself will make me feel better.

What am I gonna do about this?

I'm going to start believing that I'm already fitter and stronger. Then, I'm going to check out which routine I'd be following a routine to keep myself fitter and stronger.

This routine could be-- following a diet plan, having a fitness routine and sticking to it. Next, I'm going to implement that into my life. Once I know that "THIS" is how I'd feel if I'm taking care of myself, I'd eventually fall into a routine that works the best for me.


Honestly, I've no idea. Like I mentioned earlier in the example above, I'd given myself a time goal of six months to complete something. However, my goal may be achieved either before that or after that.

All I need to do is remain patient and consistent. Consistency here is always going to be the key. When you're consistent in your efforts, you're rewarded with something that you've always wanted.

Take things slow and it'll work out in your favour for sure.

Hope this was helpful! Let me know in the comments below as to what posts would you like to see in future!


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