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How to have a Healthy Study Atmosphere at Home?

Now that all of our classes (at least mine) have shifted online, I believe we now need to develop a study routine that matches the online classes- at home!

Here are a few tips that I have compiled, from my personal experience as a law student who is about to start her online classes.

1. Preparing the study materials.

Now that we know what subjects we are going to have next year, we can prepare ourselves for the same. By preparing, I do not mean memorising each subject. I mean, going through the syllabus, going through the modules for the same and devising a work-plan for the same.

In my blog post, 6 things I wish I had learned before joining the law school, I have stated how important it is to understand the subject before-hand and not memorise it. We need to pre-read the subject before each class and not pre-learn the subject.

Even though it is tempting to learn everything beforehand, human memory can only serve us better! I have stated previously why it is important to read before class and not learn before the University opens.

Prepare yourself with everything you need for that semester. Keep them at an arm's length. Be it your books, your modules, your study materials, your stationery, anything that you require, before starting your class- keep them with you, near you.

2. Make Notes.

I keep saying again and again and again and will continue to say so until you decide to pay heed to this advice of mine.


You may think it's not that important or that you get everything given to you, spoon-fed, which you can discard later on, but remember, it is very difficult to actually sustain the notes and receive them, especially during the exam season. No matter how much you rely on someone else's notes, unless you make your own notes, there is no way that you can completely remember the details for the long run.

Making notes is the best thing you can do for yourself and the new cool thing. So remember, if you're called a nerd, a geek, a book-worm and all that, you're cool and mark my words!

3. Have a dedicated study space.

Having a dedicated space to study (even if it's on your bed), make sure that you stick to the space and set up a routine. I personally prefer my study space on my bed. I have a small portable table which I place on my bed, and I keep it there so I can relax and do everything. People would disagree with me on studying on the bed, but to be honest, studying on the bed, while sitting straight up has helped me a lot. I can move my things aside and go to sleep as and when I want to. Though people may argue that studying on the bed makes you lazy, I would love to counter that by stating that one must study in the most comfortable manner that one can!

When you study in the most comfortable place, you tend to understand better because your brain tends to analyse that there are no distractions, no uneasiness lurking around you.

Note: This may not work for everyone and you may be one of them, but for me, studying in the most comfortable area of my home is the top priority.

4. List down your Goals and Objectives prior to starting the week.

This has worked best for me and I hope it works for you as well. Listing down my aim, goals and objectives for the upcoming week, helps me plan things out accordingly. I can then dedicate my work to things that are important rather than things that are of absolutely no value.

I also do this by building a study plan. A study plan is always helpful when you need to plan out your daily schedule. Mostly my study plan is divided into a daily plan and a weekly plan.

The daily plan talks about how and what subjects should I focus on that particular day, while the weekly plan talks about how much of the course am I going to cover during that week.

5. Take Adequate breaks

While it is important to maintain a proper schedule, the schedule must also include breaks as and when required. You cannot study for the whole time and then take no breaks.

You are a human being and not a robot. Take time for yourself. Meditate if required. Take care of your mental health, it's important.

Studying can be done, marks can be obtained, but health should always remain a priority.

I hope this has helped you to form a routine, which you need to tailor to your comfort level. Stay comfortable, stay safe and stay healthy.

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