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How Mindfulness Helps me Tackle my Anxiety?

Welcome back to my blog post Lovelies!

Mindfulness is when you're aware of your thoughts, words, actions, and your day to day activities and keeping a track of your mood. You're aware of what you're feeling within and around you.

Storytime: I'm actually a pretty anxious person. Though I haven't been clinically diagnosed with anxiety, my anxiety has led me to situations where I'm constantly under stress and constantly battling the urge to not do something that hampers my well-being. Nail picking, lip biting to constantly fidgeting, I've finally come to accept that I'm an anxious person.

But what is it that helps me ease my anxiety?

While drinking coffee surely makes me happy and makes me less anxious, it is not the only thing that I'm trying to inculcate in my daily routine. I'm also trying to inculcate other habits such as practising "mindfulness".

How Mindfulness helps me tackle my anxiety?

There are a few methods by which you can start your journey of mindfulness. Here's how I started mine.

  1. Take out some time for yourself. If you remember to take some time out for yourself, you'd realise how important it is to recharge yourself every now and then.

  2. Just sit and observe. Often, instead of observing, we tend to overthink. This can cause a lot of distress to us when we focus on things that do not mean anything. Someone once told me, that if you overthink, you tend to put yourself through the same thing twice and without even realising the same.

  3. Try using breathing techniques. Breathing techniques such as meditation and yoga help to tackle my anxiety.

  4. Journal. Journaling has helped me a lot. In times where I feel lonely, I tend to journal a lot wherein I write down and pour out all of my emotions onto the paper.

  5. Walk and listen to mellow music or upbeat music or any music that makes you happy.

Hope this was helpful! Let me know in the comments below as to what posts would you like to see in future!


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