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First Day of my Law School

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

I was a young student who had just completed grade 12 in the year 2017, with hopes of becoming someone better than the previous version of myself. I wanted to learn new things, wanted to grow into someone who was capable of making her own decisions. I wanted to be a rebel in a society that lived for the complaisant. So I decided to take up a path, which no one in my family had taken up. I did not want to take a beaten track nor did I want to take up a path that was carved especially for me. As a first-generation law student, I had to face a few difficulties in the initial days, but as time went by, I realised that this was a path that I was destined to choose. I realised that this was a path that I wanted, I yearned for and a path that I absolutely adored. On the very first day of law school, I was like an excited puppy who sees his bone for the first time. Travelling to a different state to be at a completely new atmosphere was not just exciting but also a tiny bit challenging. I was keen to know about the life of a student at a University. I knew that my University was the hub of various courses and Law was not the only course. Soon I made friends from different courses other than law and began socialising. I joined my University a few days before the orientation for new students and therefore, I had the opportunity to interact with students of different courses at the University Hostel (Dorm Room) I was residing at. This gave me ample time to check out the scenic beauty and the magnificent infrastructure of my University. Enough with the backstory, now let me tell you what happened on the first day of my life as a law student. Let me be honest. I knew absolutely nothing of the law. I chose to come from a science background and decided that it would be best for me to choose law based on my interests. (I will enunciate my experience of choosing law after coming from a science background in my other blogs later on.) As repelling that idea sounded to a lot of my peers, I was lucky enough to have support from my loved ones that motivated me to put my foot into a completely new zone that was previously unheard of, by me.

As a first-generation law student, I was absolutely baffled by the idea of law and was mortified by the fact that it does not happen the way it is portrayed in movies or TV Shows. However, when I learned about it gradually, I realised that it was even better than what they portrayed in TV shows or movies and I was delighted. With this, I realised that this was best probably the best decision I had taken for myself, in relation to my career.

On my very first day, we had an orientation where we introduced ourselves, talked about our likes, dislikes, hobbies and ambitions.

But the most important question that was asked and to this day, still remains the most essential question that could ever be asked was - "Why did you choose Law?"

I will be honest with you. When this question was first asked to me, I had absolutely no answer to this question. I knew nothing of the law. I was not even from a legal background. So how was I supposed to answer the question?

My very first thought was "What should I say?" as my mind was completely blank. But I had to speak up. I realised that it is not something that I could make up in my mind and not search google for the answers. I had to come up with something that only I knew. I had to channel my mind to the driving force behind choosing law as my field. Why law? Why not Medical or any other Biology related field that I could have chosen instead of law?

The answer was clear then. I chose law because I wanted to create an impact. Change the world, one step at a time. But another question arose - "Don't other fields also change the world one step at a time? What was so special about me choosing law over any other field?"

once again, I had a clear idea of what I wanted to say. I wanted to choose law because it would help me make the change that I wanted. If I was dissatisfied with a law, I had the power to appeal for its change (of course I need to graduate first). It would provide me with a platform to raise my voice without active protests on the street. (Not that I am against it). It would serve me an opportunity to work for the underprivileged.

It was later on in my law school life, that I knew that with this degree, I was open to so many options that my naive self was not aware of in the initial days. (I shall talk about it in my other blogs soon).

I was introduced to a very good set of teachers, happy classmates, encouraging seniors and of course, an amazing roommate (I was indeed lucky for that).

I was also provided with the course outline and the books recommended for each subject on the very first day. I had 6 subjects in my first semester and had a fixed hour of classes from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. As difficult as it was to adjust to the new schedule, it was also something that I loved doing. Thus, it took me a couple of weeks to adjust. (This was far lesser time than I had imagined I would take to adjust.)

I learned a lot of things on my first day and a few lessons that have helped me improve over the years as a law student.

My first day was something that every law student could relate to. Not just law student, but every single student going to a University for the first time could relate to (except the question- what is law? of course.)

I hope you can relate to this too and comment below, and let me know through my various social media handles about your experiences of law school. I would love to feature your first day at law school on my blog too.

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Veena Nair
Veena Nair
Jun 03, 2020

Such precious memories. Well written 👌👌❤️

Shivani Nair
Shivani Nair
Mar 21, 2021
Replying to

Thank you very much!

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