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Friday Freebie- The Weekly To-Do List

I'm back again with another freebie!

Thought I was gone? Well, nope! I have decided that my date of freebie would be every third Friday of each month. (unless I have something really important, I will stick to this date.)

So mark your calendars already!!

My freebie for this month is, a weekly to-do list free printable!

Ever been in that position where you write something on your notebook, or on a paper or on your mobile phone and completely forget about it?

Yeah me too.

Which I why I made this weekly to-do list for you to print it out so you have all your tasks to complete, with you at one place!

The weekly to-do list will help you stay organised and help you organise your week at a glance.

What do I do with this to-do list?

On a Sunday night, I sit and contemplate my thoughts and ideas and list down my tasks, which are important, on the weekly to-do list. I generally take about 1 hour to sit down, before retiring to my bed and plan my next week on what are the important tasks that I need to accomplish throughout the week.

Then, I make sure to have my daily to-do list and list down my tasks for each day while looking over my weekly tasks.

You can find my free printable of the daily to-do list over here.

How can you use it?

It's really simple, all you need to do is, take a print out of the document I have uploaded and viola! You are ready to use it!

Be sure to let me know when you use it!


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