Back to (Law School) Season. What should you keep in mind?

Welcome back to (law) school!!! If you're here, it means you've survived your previous semester! Whether gracefully or not is not my concern! Hey! No judgement there. We all fall into it.

For me, the previous year had been simultaneously the personal best as well as the most dramatic year ever! Although nothing much has changed since last year and we are still going to log in to our computers and look at blank screens, or professors reading out PowerPoint presentation, we can still make it a tiny bit engaging.

Here's how:

Make a good schedule-

As soon as you get your list of subjects, make sure to get back to scheduling and planning your days out for the best performance. If you're someone like me, who writes blogs, runs an alternate Instagram account and runs an organisation, make sure to take out time for yourself. It's easily possible to get lost in the moment ad so much work, that you can no longer take time out for yourself.

Update your phone/ computer-

Now is actually a pretty good time to make sure that your laptop/ iPad/ Computer/ Mobiles are updated. Delete old files, remove unnecessary things, clean up your email and dedicate a whole day to computer cleanup!

Read Ahead-

I have talked about it in one of my blogposts regarding reading early and being prepared beforehand, so this is an actual gamechanger when you are working handling multiple things, especially when you can immediately put up queries in front of the professor after they teach the topic.

You can also start making prospective notes and add on to the readings and materials provided by the professor.

Hope this was helpful! Let me know in the comments below as to what posts would you like to see in future!


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