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3 Toxic Cultures at Law School that we need to Immediately Kill.

When I began law school, I had absolutely no idea what to expect from law school. Surely, like every other person out there, I watched Suits and Legally Blonde, How to Get Away with Murder and many such series and movies. But reality was so different from this.

As you know, law school is a really small box with the same people for the whole period of time until you're done with law school.

This could lead to only 2 things- either you create long term friendships or you know whom to avoid at all costs.

If you ask me what parts of watching TV series or movies actually resemble law school- I'd say, infinite amount of drama, gossip and the cutthroat competition.

To be honest, I wanted to grow up from my High School to something more professional, but law school is high school all over again. But as you become older you can either indulge in those activities or avoid them altogether.

Some days you break down at law school wondering if you're good enough, and other days you tend to get up and excel in your work.

It's an endless cycle, which is why the toxic cultures of cutthroat competition, gossip and drama needs to end. For real.


If you're aware of this term, you're probably aware of all the things that come along with it. This thing can either ruin your life or make your life. But hardly have I ever come across a gossip which isn't hurtful.

We're all guilty of this, either as bystanders or partaking in one. But people grow, people learn and people understand. But if you're someone who has come across someone who never really understood this, then, it's time to stay away from those people.

There is of course a good difference between engaging in conversations and engaging in gossips.

For instance, if you talk about what work a firm does or what the partner likes/ dislikes while doing a particular work, it can help you avoid unnecessary conflicts. But, on the other hand, if you've indulged in gossips about the personal life of that partner (unless they are themselves part of that conversation), then I believe you're on the wrong path.

I once came across an amazing quote, "gossip ends when it hits the ears of a wise man"

This leads to our next point.


Law School, for real, is the ultimate dramatic place. I did not really come across as much drama in high school, as I did in law school. There is an endless list of events that take place. Once again, gossip plays a major role in creating dramas. But it's not just gossip that plays a major role. Whether it is the prejudice against a person, or the lack of communication/ miscommunication or the hatred for one another (for any reason), leads to an endless spiral of constant drama.

Stay away from that, is all I would say. You cannot fully avoid gossip or drama and whether you like it or not, you do in fact, get sucked into it. But what you can do is not engage yourself into it.

You only end up causing more drama.

This leads to our next point- and also a major cause of drama.

Cutthroat Competition.

The highly toxic environment can often be found around people who either tend to do well, aspire to do well, or look up to people doing well.

And it's true. You find this a lot in law school. While you may not notice it on the outside, but it is very prevalent on the inside.

People wh act very casual towards you may not really like you doing better than them. The competition factor is so high that if someone gets praised/ starts doing something for themselves, the other person sees this as an opportunity to bring them down.

You can never, of course, escape this toxicity and will fall prey to it regardless, but my only advice would be to ignore them and keep doing your work.

People do, in fact, find ways to make you feel bad about your own self, but that should never let you decide what you want to do in your life.

And even after all of this, sometimes you receive all the good things at law schools, such as support from peers in unknown ways, or help from other people you've never ever come across. While it may not be a bed of roses, it is also not a bed of needles.

So learn to tackle this with grace.

Until next time!


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