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3 Things to remember at Law School.


Right. Well, I've made posts on advice to first-year law students and 6 things I wish I had learned before entering law school. So what would be the point to make this right?

But, things are about to get a little different here.

Find comfortable spaces other than your permanent space.

And that includes your bed. Find at least 3 spaces other than the permanent place that you can actually sit down and move around to, when your permanent place is very occupied.

Or just because you're bored.

When you have more than 1 space, you won't feel agitated if your space is occupied, or at least out of structure! You always have multiple options to seek inspiration from, and of course, sit down and study without being disturbed!

Look at people who tend to motivate you.

Those people are the best. They need not be the brightest and the most academically-oriented persons around and neither do they have to be the best at everything, and as I had stated before, law school has a mix of different kinds of people, these people are the best!

They are a constant dose of motivation and being around them would make you happy. They do not have to be your friends (but of course having them as your friends would be the best thing ever!) and they can be anyone you look up to.

They also do not have to be older than you, or even your age. They could be younger than you and you would still find them enlightening.

These are the people who are passionate about their work, who are always indulged in ideas and who are always supportive as well as critical (positive) of your work.

They tend to be there to analyse your steps objectively without bias and that's what motivates you to do better.

They're one of those people whom you can go about seeking for help and be there for you at all times! They're also those people who may not be available for you always, but will be happy to see you grow. Talking to them about your vision, ideas, passion and all the things that inspire you will actually intrigue them! They will not judge you for your decision, but will always guide you for the same.

Let's say, they're like your mentors. You may not always agree with what they have to say, but their inputs can be valuable!

When an instant dose of motivation hits you, you tend to do better in your classes, or in your life, generally.

Stay away from people who gossip.

Sureeeee, the idea of knowing what goes on in your peer's life may sound fascinating, but no, it isn't. The thing which may sound so scandalous to you might be just another occurrence.

Avoid wasting your time into trivial things such as talking about others, gossiping and having meaningless discussions.

No, I don't mean that you need to constantly talk about studies, and constantly talk about career or your goals. We all need a break from that, but go ahead and talk about your favourite TV shows, or books you read, or movies you watch.

Spend quality time with peers instead of having mindless engagement.

But remember, it's not wrong to learn from your mistakes and outgrow them. We all make these mistakes, we just learn from them.


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